New AOC technologies featured at Hyundai-Kia Composites Tech Days
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New AOC technologies featured at Hyundai-Kia Composites Tech Days

26 June 2023

New AOC Resins technologies for advanced automotive composites will be featured during the Hyundai-Kia Technology Days event on June 28 and 29.  Sponsored by the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA), this year’s Composites Technology Days will bring composite innovators directly into the Hyundai-Kia Tech Center in Superior Township, MI, USA. 

With two technical paper presentations and an exhibit of end-use applications, AOC Resins will showcase superior technologies for producing composite automotive applications.  For the rapidly expanding electric vehicle sector, lower mass applications help automotive manufacturers offer extended vehicle range.  For hydrocarbon-fueled vehicles, lighter-weight composites help OEMs meet requirements for improved fuel economy and lower emissions. 

High Performance Non-filled, Non-Halogenated Fire-Retardant Resins for Lightweight Composites 

In one of the technical papers, Daniel Rodriguez, RTM/Infusion Product Leader, will introduce a novel fire-retardant resin for structural applications.  While applicable to any automotive structural application, the resin is especially suited for electric vehicle (EV) battery enclosures.

In addition to delivering superior mechanical properties at an impressively lower weight, the proprietary resin meets stringent flame-retardant standards without the use of fillers or halogenated materials.  The new resin’s formulation builds on AOC’s reputation for providing unique technologies for superior flow and fiber wetting, even in the most challenging RTM and Infusion applications.

Recent Advances in Low Density SMC for Automotive Class A and Structural Applications

AOC Technical Service Specialist Jeff Klipstein and James Hutchinson, Manager, Material Development, for Teijin Automotive Technologies, will co-present a paper on new lower density Sheet Molding Compound technology for both structural and Class A applications. 

Recent advances led to new systems with significantly lower densities that make lightweight SMC even lighter.  Specific gravity values of new systems discussed in the paper range from 1.2 and to below 1.0. The presentation will also cover how the new low-density technologies provide excellent surface aesthetics, meet high mechanical properties requirements, lower VOC emissions and can include sustainable content.   

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