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Taking Composites to the Next Level with Spoke Materials

Taking Composites to the Next Level with Spoke Materials

Spoke Materials is bringing innovation to composite manufacturers with reduced weight, cost and time.  Many markets benefit from Spoke’s MIR formulas, from marine, mining, agriculture, architecture and automotive, to general construction and energy. Where there is an opportunity to mold a part, Spoke can help fabricators achieve unparalleled success in a fraction of the time and cost.  Spoke’s products can be used in a range of fabrication processes – including open mold, closed mold, RTM and injection molding. 


Composite Tank Lids

Spoke Materials has opened new doors in tank lid construction. Fabricators previously used stainless steel and other heavy gauge metals to build lids for chemical and waste processing and storage; however, the manufacturing process took up to a week. Additionally, the product weighed almost 1,400 pounds, was costly to ship, required heavy machinery to put it in place and maintain, and would corrode over time. Now, utilizing Spoke’s MIR products, fabricators are manufacturing the lids in less than three hours, resulting in lids that weigh 85% less than their predecessor, can be installed and maintained by a single person, cost 90% less to the manufacturer, and will withstand the corrosive environment. 


Taking Composites to the Next Level with Spoke Materials

Composite Sculptures

Spoke’s technology is also widely used in the architectural fiberglass industry. Throughout the U.S. Midwest, Spoke’s MIR material helps to restore detailed features and sculptures on buildings in Detroit, Cleveland and Indianapolis. Where once hand lay-up and stone cutting processes would take weeks and months to recreate cornices, brackets and friezes, Mir material can produce a dozen high-quality parts in a single day.


Creating Innovation with Vipel Resins

Spoke’s innovation begins with AOC’s Vipel vinyl ester resins. Spoke uses their proprietary formulation and patented microfiber infusion technology to modify the resin to create their MIR products. This unique technology creates a chemical bond between the glass microfibers and resin, forming a reinforced liquid composite with superior strength and durability that allows fabricators to create parts and finished products in a single pour.

Taking Composites to the Next Level with Spoke Materials

About Spoke Materials

For nearly a decade, Spoke Materials composite systems have been used in a wide variety of industries, applications and fabrication methods helping their customers produce superior products in a fraction of the time and cost compared to traditional fabrication methods.

Many of Spoke’s customers have expanded their product offerings and opened new business lines with alternative fabrication methods of producing traditional metal and stone parts and components – true innovation. 

Utilizing Spoke Materials proprietary and patented microfiber, thermoplastic and Control-Cure technologies, the team has developed an amazing stable of products designed to help fabricators build better parts with better materials.

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