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Blue Wind’s 1,000th Nacelle, a Milestone for American Renewable Energy

Blue Wind’s 1,000th Nacelle, a Milestone for American Renewable Energy

America’s expansion into renewable energy passed a major milestone with the delivery of the 1,000th fiber-reinforced composite nacelle for wind turbines from a Blue Wind Technology facility that opened only three years ago.  The operation in Pensacola, Florida, USA, uses wind turbine component technology transferred from Blue Wind’s success in Latin America.  

The proven technology delivers composite components of the highest quality and performance. In addition, proprietary Blue Wind technology for building stronger and longer-lasting molds gives their wind energy components a competitive advantage.   Since its start in 2019, the Florida plant has benefited from the same AOC material and technical support used to make Blue Wind nacelles in Latin America.  

Manufactured to specifications set by customer GE Renewable Energy, the nacelle is 3.9 m (12.8 ft) wide by 9.1 m (30 ft) long by 3.6 m (11.8 ft) high.  The nacelle houses such critical wind system components as the wind turbine generator, gear box, brake, and controller. The nacelle’s engineered construction provides high flexural strength at a lower weight than ferrous metals. The Blue Wind Technology material is also non-conductive and resists corrosion from exposure to the elements. 

Nacelle components are manufactured with an Altek® R920 Series unsaturated polyester resin. The resin provides the low viscosity and superior glass fiber wetting needed for the infusion and light resin transfer molding processes that Blue Wind Technology uses to make nacelle components.    

“AOC technical support developed a specific resin system that works for all the different dimensions and sizes of parts we produce,” says Blue Wind General Director Jean Zolet. “The tailored system meets all our cycle time and catalysis requirements and complies with all customer specifications.

“Without a doubt, working with AOC has been a key to successfully reaching this milestone in America. Led by Daniel Rodriguez, AOC team availability and face response match perfecting with our culture and values.” 

In addition to composite nacelles for the wind energy market, Blue Wind Technology makes spinners and vortexes. For more information about Blue Wind Technology composite manufacturing, go to

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