EcoTek® C431-DKBG-30
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EcoTek® C431-DKBG-30

Polyester Laminating Resin for Acrylic Bonding

Product description

EcoTek C431-DKBG-30 is a prepromoted thixotropic polyester laminating resin. EcoTek C431-DKBG-30 is designed to be used with filler in acrylic bonding applications.

Major applications

EcoTek® C431-DKBG-30 is designed for use in the manufacturing of composite parts using hand lay-up application methods.

Resin is mostly used for making sanitary components (baths, shower trays).

EcoTek® Product

  • Contains recycled PET resin

Key benefits

  • The combined renewable bio- derived content and/or recycled content of EcoTek C431-DKBG-30 is 25%

  • Low Styrene content

  • Excellent adhesive to acrylic

  •  C431-DKBG- 30 was designed for quick wet out/roll out properties.

Processing methods

  • Hand lay-up/spray-up

Key markets

  • Bathware & Sanitary
  • Building & Construction

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