Altek® H596-B Series
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Altek® H596-B Series

Polyester Laminating Resin

Product description

AOC’s Altek H596-B Series is a pre-promoted, thixotropic, general purpose, medium reactive, resilient, orthophthalic polyester resin system. It designed for use in the manufacturing of many general purpose composite applications.

Key benefits

  • Fast Cure - The medium reactivity allows for complete rapid cure of the composite even in relatively thin composites when used with the recommended peroxide levels and application temperature.

  • Good chemical bonding between laminate application if proper application procedures are followed. The air inhibited versions provide the best secondary bonding and should be used in applications where maximum secondary bonding is required.

  • Superior Mechanical Properties - When used with the proper glass reinforcement content, produces a composite with superior toughness properties that can assist in the reduction of composite cracking.

Processing methods

  • Hand lay-up/spray-up

Key markets

  • Bathware & Sanitary
  • Building & Construction
  • Industrial
  • Marine

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