MoldTru® LPT-68000
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MoldTru® LPT-68000

Modified Vinyl Ester Low Profile Tooling Resin

Product description

MoldTru® LPT-68000 is a pre-promoted thixotropic vinyl ester low profile tooling resin. The high performance mechanical properties of the vinyl ester resin provides a laminate of quality and integrity with superior surface quality.

Key benefits

  • Dramatic build time reduction. Up to five layers can be laminated at once.

  • Lower labor cost. Reduces the timing between layers.

  • No surface distortion. The low shrinkage of the product increases the dimensional stability of the laminate.

  • Master molds replication. The low exotherm together with a high HDT provide a correct cure and stability of the laminate.

  • No print through. Low shrinkage and unique low profile system helps to prevent glass print.

Processing methods

  • Hand lay-up/spray-up

Key markets

  • Tooling

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