Firepel® K133 Series
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Firepel® K133 Series

Polyester Resin For Filled Fire Retardant Applications

Product description

Firepel K133 series resins are specifically designed to be blended with alumina trihydrate (ATH) to provide fire retardant properties.

Key benefits

  • Fire Retardant. Laminates made with Firepel K133 series have passed the UL 94-HB, UL 94-5V and UL 94-V-0 test requirements.

  • Toxicity. Composites made with Firepel K133 series resins have low toxicity values due to the absence of halogens.

  • Low Cost. Economical Fire Retardant composites can be made with Firepel K133 series resins.

Key markets

  • Building & Construction
  • Transportation

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