Vipel® K026 Series
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Vipel® K026 Series

Corrosion Resistant and Fire Retardant Brominated Bisphenol A, Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resin

Product description

AOC's Vipel K026 Series are brominated bisphenol A epoxy vinyl ester resins with corrosion and fire retardant properties.

Key benefits

  • Fire retardant. Vipel K026 meets ASTM E 84 Class 1 flame spread and can meet Class 1 smoke requirements without antimony trioxide.

  • Corrosion resistant. Vipel K026 is highly resistant to a number of chemical environments.

  • Mechanical Properties. Vipel K026 is suitable for moldings that are subjected to particularly high static or dynamic loads. These vinyl ester resins have excellent resistance to sustained heat.

Processing methods

  • Filament winding

Key markets

  • Industrial
  • Infrastructure

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