Vicast® A856-QKA-15
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Vicast® A856-QKA-15

Polyester Resin for Highly Filled Applications

Product description

AOC's Vicast A856 is a low viscosity, pre-promoted casting resin created to minimize resin demand in the production of synthetic marble parts. It is engineered to optimize flow, green strength and thermocycling when used with calcium carbonate or lightweight filler blends designed for cultured marble parts.

Key benefits

  • Low viscosity for minimal resin demand.

  • Low monomer content to control shrinkage.

  • Short cure times for quick demold.

  • Superior wet-out and air release that allow the highest possible filler loadings.

  • Allows manufacturers to make lightweight parts at lower resin demand than traditional marble mixes.

Processing methods

  • Casting

Key markets

  • Artificial Stone

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