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Isophthalic Polyester Resin

Product description

AOC's T750-70 is a flexible isophthalic polyester resin to be used in conjunction with most resin systems. T750-70 exhibits excellent elongation while preserving good tensile properties. Enhanced toughness of molded parts has been demonstrated in a wide spectrum of customer applications including AOC's chemical resistant isophthalics, orthophthalics, and SMC/BMC type resins.

Key benefits

  • Toughness - boosts toughness and flexural properties.

  • Versatile - demonstrated in a variety of applications and molding processes.

  • Compatibility - blended with both isophthalic and/or orthophthalic resin systems.

  • High elongation. Excellent compatibility. Good tensile strength.

Processing methods

  • Pultrusion

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