Vicast® A717-L Series
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Vicast® A717-L Series

ISO/NPG Acrylic Modified Resin for Solid Surface

Product description

Vicast A717 Series is a high reactivity, pre-promoted ISO/NPG Acrylic Modified solid surface casting resin. This resin is used to produce solid color and granite effect sheets and bowls. It provides extreme versatility in selecting the combination of gel time and viscosity that suits the specific manufacturing process, working conditions and raw materials.

Key benefits

  • Premium ISO/NPG polymer. Acrylic modified.

  • Low color. Fast cure.

  • Excellent stain and blush resistance. Increased UV stability.

  • Consistent, accurate coloring of cured solid surface.

  • Fast demold.

Processing methods

  • Casting

Key markets

  • Artificial Stone

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