PulTru® P341-550
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PulTru® P341-550

Low Profile Pultrusion Polyester Resin

Product description

PulTru P341-550 is a one-pack polyester resin containing a proprietary shrinkage control system. Especially suited to thin complex profiles typically used in fenestration and door applications. The superior surface finish makes PulTru P341-550 an excellent choice for both painted or acrylic cap stock coated profiles.

Key benefits

  • High reactivity for fast line speeds in thin complex profiles.

  • Improved surface finish.

  • Excellent adhesion to acrylic cap stock coatings.

  • Excellent adhesion to paint.

  • Formulated to accept higher filler loadings.

Processing methods

  • Pultrusion

Key markets

  • Building & Construction

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