PulTru® P920-72
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PulTru® P920-72

Next Generation Pultrusion Polyester Resin

Product description

PulTru P920-72 is specifically developed to meet the emerging needs of the Pultrusion industry. The challenges of new processing methods, reduced cost and reduced styrene emissions are all met by this resin. PulTru P920-72 is ideally suited for the demanding requirements of resin injection. The combination of reduced viscosity and outstanding wet out insure consistent composite properties at high pull speeds. PulTru P920-72 will allow higher filler loading to reduce product costs or can maintain viscosity and processing characteristics at reduced styrene contents.

Key benefits

  • Processability. Suitable for a wide range of pultrusion applications. Improved wet out will reduce scrap in both resin injection and open bath uses. Computer controlled manufacturing for consistent end-use performance.

  • Adaptability. Balanced chemistry allows engineers and designers to meet the requirements of a broad spectrum of applications.

  • Lower styrene content possible. Medium reactivity.

  • Tough and versatile with excellent crack resistance.

  • Accepts higher filler loading.

Processing methods

  • Pultrusion
  • RTM/Infusion

Key markets

  • Building & Construction

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