Vicast® A597-YLB
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Vicast® A597-YLB

Polyester Resin for Marble

Product description

AOC's Vicast A597-YLB is a low viscosity, pre-promoted marble resin designed for maximum versatility in the production of synthetic marble parts including vanities and tubs. Vicast A597-YLB is designed to allow extreme flexibility in selecting the combination of gel time and fillers that suits the specific manufacturing process, working conditions and raw materials.

Key benefits

  • Extended gel time for heated systems or maximum working time. Low-medium viscosity for minimal resin demand.

  • Reduced monomer at standard viscosity. Short cure times at moderate exotherms.

  • Gel and demold times good for lavatories, tubs and flat stock.

  • Controlled shrink and moderate exotherm for making tops and tubs.

  • Proper reactivity, shrink and strength to use with highly filled or exotherm suppressed systems.

Processing methods

  • Casting

Key markets

  • Artificial Stone

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