AOC introduces Next Eco-label for Sustainable Products
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AOC introduces Next Eco-label for Sustainable Products

24 February 2021

AOC announces the introduction of the Next™ Eco-label to better identify products that help to reduce emission of VOCs, use feedstock from bio-sources or from recycled waste streams. AOC already sells many products with the Next™ Eco-label allowing customers to improve sustainability of their processes and products.


AOC has been at the forefront of promoting sustainability in the supply chain, offering products and solutions that provide great durability (surface layers with anti-corrosion capability in industrial equipment), require minimal maintenance (structures and components in building and infrastructure), and extend lifetime of existing networks (drinking water and sewer pipelines).

Over the past decade, AOC has developed a full range of sustainable products and material solutions. These include styrene-free resins, low-styrene resins, products based on recycled PET feedstock, and resins with increased bio-content.


Next™ Eco-label

AOC is now introducing its Next™ Eco-label to better identify products that help to reduce emission of VOCs, use feedstock from bio-sources or recycled waste streams, or minimize environmental footprint.

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These products are sold by AOC under different brand names, including Beyone™, Atlac®, Palatal®, Palapreg® and Synolite™. What makes these resins unique is that they all enable AOC’s customer to run their business in a more sustainable way and help create products and solutions that bring quality to our lives with reduced environmental impact.


Great examples

Beyone™ 120-Q-01 and Atlac® Premium 600 X are good examples of styrene-free resins that have helped our customers reduce workshop emissions, while eliminating styrene emissions at installation sites and during construction jobs. In addition to providing better working conditions, styrene-free resins eliminate styrene odor from installed or molded parts in residential, industrial and consumer applications.

AOC’s H432 and H421 series are based on recycled PET feedstock collected from different sources. Bottles and containers from PET are scrapped and converted into small pieces. Through several reaction and filtration steps, these pieces are processed into intermediates that form the basis for a broad range of versatile resins. Every ton of resin consumes approximately the equivalent of 4250 bottles of PET!

AOC has introduced PET-based products for acrylic backup, casting, filament winding and hand lay-up/ spray-up transformation processes. The products find their way into baths, sinks, shower trays, pipes for irrigation and sewers, and many other structural composites applications.


Next™ brings bright future

We are very proud of the range of sustainable products and solutions we have been able to introduce over the years”, explains Joe Salley, CEO of AOC. “With the introduction of the Next™ Eco-label we enable our customers to better select green products and choose solutions that minimize impact on our climate.”

AOC will not stop here”, comments Eric Gao,Vice President Asia Pacific, AOC. “We are committed to develop products that improve working conditions in molding shops, and make better use of the scarce resource our earth provides.”

We believe that the Next™ Eco-label will increase market recognition for our innovation efforts”, adds Li Guangyu, R&D Manager, AOC Asia Pacific. “This will clearly help us to grow composites markets and build a sustainable value propositions together with our customers.”

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