Palapreg® P 171-903
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Palapreg® P 171-903

Orthophthalic resin

Product description

Palapreg® P 171-903 is specially designed for SMC and BMC parts. It is mainly used together with Palapreg plastic additives for low shrink or low profile SMC / BMC applications. The resin can be readily thickened with magnesium oxide.

Major applications

Palapreg® P171-903 is specially designed for SMC/BMC parts, especially for BMC. Palapreg® P171-903 has a good performance with relatively low cost. Due to its good toughness, Palapreg® P 171-903 has excellent long-term pressure resistance required by the FRP products such as water tank plates and other water resistant products. SMC/BMC with Palapreg® P 171-903 can also be applied in the FRP parts with low voltage insulation, medium surface quality and medium mechanical properties.

Certifications and Approvals

Key benefits

  • High reactivity

  • Readily thickened with magnesium oxide

Processing methods


Key markets

  • Building & Infrastructure
  • Electrical
  • Transportation

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