AOC Introduces UFI Codes in Europe
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AOC Introduces UFI Codes in Europe

4 January 2021

AOC is very committed to implement the European REACH legislation for its products and processes. Presently the company is involved in providing product composition information to the national Poison Centers for the products sold in the different EU countries. Part of this process is the introduction of so-called UFI codes, which customers will notice on labels and SDSs as per January 2021.


In the different European countries the national Poison Centers collect product composition information of the chemicals sold in their respective countries. This information is available for Medical professionals in case of medical emergencies (e.g. eventualities during use or transport of the product).

All manufacturers and importers that sell chemicals in the European market are obliged to submit a detailed dossier per product or product group (in line with Annex VIII and Article 45 CLP for Poison Center Notification or PCN) through a new portal introduced by ECHA. Subsequently, product details are distributed to the relevant authorities in the different European countries.


On track

AOC has been preparing the comprehensive dossiers for its products, and has already finalized the notification for Professional and Consumer use. As part of the process, so-called UFI codes (Unique Formulation Identifier) are created, which are directly linked to the submitted formulation information for a specific product. These UFI codes are visible on the product label (affixed to drums and IBCs) and are also included in product SDSs for reference.

AOC is very committed to implement the European REACH legislation for its products and processes”, explains Asal Hamarneh, “Simply because we believe that our workers, customers and end-users need to be confident in working with our products, and continue to be safe and stay in good health.


Staged approach

Not all AOC products sold in Europe will receive a UFI code in 2021, as some are considered “non-hazardous” mixtures, while other products are used for Industrial applications and require a PCN notification only in 2023.

AOC is convinced that innovative chemistry can contribute to developing products and solutions that bring quality to our lives and improve sustainability” adds Asal Hamarneh. “At the same time, AOC believes that chemicals should be handled in a safe way, we should understand exposure risks, and take the right precautionary measures for workers’ protection.”


Practical information

  • Product Center Notifications for products used in Professional and Consumer markets have been completed per December 31st, 2020.
  • These PCN notifications are done only for products sold in Europe (excluding United Kingdom), and not for products sold in outside Europe.
  • For Industrial use products, the PCN notification deadline is December 31st, 2023.
  • Consequently, there will be some labels with UFI code, some without.
  • Only products that are labelled “Hazardous” are subject to PCN notification.
  • AOC will be sending the new SDSs for our products and start using the updated labels in the beginning of 2021.
  • The contact details for the national Poison Centers (if required by Medical professionals) are provided in Section 1 of the SDSs of the products sold by AOC.
  • If you have further questions on PCN notifications and the UFI codes introduction, please contact us through

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