AOC Solutions for Light Curing
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AOC Solutions for Light Curing

19 April 2023

Over the past 30 years, AOC has been developing novel light-curable resin systems for composites applications, enabling to make durable and strong components in a fast and reliable way. These light-curable resin systems are commercially used in a broad variety of CIPP/ Relining applications, because of their processing robustness and performance predictability. AOC is now stepping up its commercial activities, further deploying this patented technology around the world.


Relining is a great solution

Utility companies and municipalities rely on the uninterrupted operation of their sewer and drinking water networks. Whenever a leak or a damaged pipe is found, they want to repair it quickly and efficiently with the purpose of minimizing any disturbance or potential threat to the environment during the renovation works.

Relining is the technology of choice for pipe renovation, as the no-dig feature brings minimal disruption of traffic, residents and the environment”, comments Rob van de Laarschot, Market Segment Leader CIPP/ Relining AOC EMEA. “After installation, the liners are strong, durable, and fit well in the host pipe, so they resist well the corrosive aqueous conditions for many years to come.

Using liners with light-curable resins, has enabled installation companies already for years to cure their liners at high speed, even at adverse weather conditions. Because of this great track record, CIPP/ Relining is now also increasingly used for repairing lateral connections (from the house to the street and vice versa), as well as for in-house renovations. The light-cure capability proves to be an important asset for making the technology robust and affordable.


Strong patent protection

AOC has fine-tuned its light-curable resin solutions over time, for making the system fool-proof and predictable. Also, the technology has been optimized for use with styrene-free resin systems that provide the added benefit of close to zero odor. This ensures installation can be done with minimal exposure of workers and habitants, and prevents in-house emission from installed liners.

Combining its expertise in resin composition, curing technologies and installation processes, AOC has been able to obtain significant product improvements and resin system enhancements, both in the curing systems as well as styrene-free resin compositions. As a result, the company has filed a number of patents that cover resin mixture ingredients and liner processing.

“We believe that advancing light-curable resin technology is the key formula to success for AOC, helping both our customers and us to stay ahead of competition”, explains Paul Vercoulen, Vice President R&D and Regulatory Affairs for AOC EMEA & India. “In the coming years, AOC will be increasing its technology’s deployment and will carefully monitor potential intellectual property infringements to make sure this patented technology is properly used to repair damaged pipe systems”.



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