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Composites Madrid22
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Composites Madrid22

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AOC will be exhibiting at Composites Madrid22, which is part of the larger trade show Advanced Manufacturing Madrid22 (Feria de Madrid, 19-20 October 2022). You are very welcome to visit our booth located at 8D11.B.


Atlac® resins: Combating corrosion for over 60 years

The Atlac® name is synonymous with corrosion resistant composites. Even before the Atlac® brand was officially registered in the early 1960s , these powerful resins were proving their ability to withstand the most challenging chemical environments across a broad range of industries. Customers worldwide have discovered that composites based on Atlac® resins provide longer lasting, more cost-effective solutions than specialized corrosion-resistant metals and alloys in processes where safety and continuity of operations are crucial.

You can find the most common AOC products through the Product Selector on our website. Here you can also request Products Datasheets. Additional product information is available through the Atlac® Product Guide, which can be found on the Download page. Also, please visit our website to find the latest case studies on Atlac® resins.


Carbon Fiber SMC: High Performance Delivered at Industrial Scale

Combining the unique Daron® 8151 resin with carbon fibers into SMC enables the reliable manufacture of components with superior mechanical strength, low density, E-coat capability and low emissions, while maintaining the design flexibility typical for composites. This project has been nominated for the for the Advanced Manufacturing Award at the show. Please click here to vote for our entry.

In recent years, novel SMC materials based on carbon fiber have become commercially available and are now applied at full industrial scale to produce ultra-light structural parts that outperform their equivalents in aluminum and steel.

The unique Daron® resin technology for use in SMC enables chopped CF molded parts with the mechanical performance of Epoxy Resin CF-SMC to be manufactured with the ease of UPR and Vinyl Ester SMC. The combination with excellent flow behavior during molding, means that the resulting mechanical properties of the parts are truly outstanding (Tensile Modulus at 43 GPa, Tensile Strength over 300 MPa). Please check out this Blog on the Tucana project for further detail.


Turning Up the Heat with Neomould® 6800 Series

AOC is introducing the new Neomould 6800 resin series for manufacturing composite tooling. For cost-effective manufacturing of composite components in small to medium sized production series (up to 500-1000 parts per year), composite molds are broadly used across the industry. While they bring the designer the ability to create unique shapes, composite tools also enable the manufacturing of large components like wind turbine blades, boats, and façade panels for buildings.

The Neomould 6800 resin series are based on VE resins, providing great benefits to toolmakers and composite part fabricators:

  • Excellent surface quality through zero-shrinkage
  • Fast resin application and through-cure during tool manufacturing in comparison with Epoxy resin tooling systems
  • Longer tool life and excellent reproducibility of surface quality during tool use
  • Tool capability to take higher peak exotherm, higher post-cure temperatures
  • Enables to make great tools at high length with infusion version
  • Easy repair of tool surface in case of eventualities


Leading in Sustainability

AOC has introduced the Next™ Eco-label for better identifying products that help to reduce emission of VOCs, use feedstock from bio-sources or from recycled waste streams. These products are sold by AOC under different brand names, including Atlac®, Beyone™, Neoxil®, Palatal®, Palapreg® and Synolite™. More information about the Next™ Eco-label you can find on the AOC web site (Next™ Eco-label background, Next™ products).

AOC is setting high standards in Environmental, Social, and Ethical performance, while actively promoting sustainable products and solutions. As a recognition for its performance and the company’s demonstrated commitment to Sustainability, AOC has received a Gold Rating from EcoVadis for its European business in April 2022.

AOC’s rating was in the top 3 % percentile of chemical companies, which clearly indicates the company is a front runner in the industry.


Event details

More details about the show venue, transportation and final program you can find on the Composites Madrid22 web site


  • Date : 19 October 2022

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