KUZO Team Winner of the SMC BMC Design Award
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KUZO Team Winner of the SMC BMC Design Award

20 September 2017

During the award ceremony of the SMC BMC Design Award 2017, the Kuzo team of the University of Antwerp received the FIRST PRize. Their winning design of a modular composting bin and planter for kids is meant to increase in a playful manner the environmental awareness of young children. AOC is sponsor of the Design Award and congratulates all winners with their achievement.

At the Composites Europe 2017 trade show in Stuttgart the winners of the 1st edition of the SMC BMC Award 2017 were announced. It was a nice moment with many people joining from the composites industry. Three finalist student teams traveled from Portugal and Belgium for presenting their projects to the audience.



SMC and BMC are well-established material solutions since many years, used in demanding applications because of their strength, durability and light weight. At the same time, the European Alliance for SMC BMC wants to find new markets and applications, so that is why it started this Design Competition.

The Jury has been evaluating all projects for Creativity, End-user functionality, feasibility in SMC BMC, Marketing-ability and use of SMC BMC performance. The first prize is 10,000 € but we also invite now all teams to work with our people to further improve product design and investigate commercialization.



Henri Magnaud (Chairman of the Jury and President of European Alliance for SMC BMC) handed over the prices. “The Alliance is very happy with the number of projects we received from all over Europe,” he mentioned. “Speaking on behalf of the Jury, we were impressed with the great ideas the student teams have generated. For us the Kuzo project was the clear winner. The Jury liked the detail of the design process, including the design philosophy and drivers, and the team’s thinking about part assembly and manufacturing.”

The Jury also appreciated the marketing-ability and relevance to society and consumers. “Be a Kuzo-kid” is an appealing slogan,” Henri added. “We definitely see potential for commercialization, with the Kuzo composter bringing a relevant sustainability experience to small kids.

For a full overview of pictures of the event, please click here.



Kuzo Composter, modular composting bin and planter for kids (© Kuzo team)

kuzo.png  toke-joos.png



Combination of street furniture: bench, bike rack, trash can, info board (© 4All team)

merlin-bauwens.png  4all.png



Portable table for leisure use, containing drinks and ice (© Ruben Silva)

cork-table.png  ruben-silva.png


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