Vipel Fights Corrosion in Chemical Applications
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Vipel Fights Corrosion in Chemical Applications

14 May 2020

ERCO Worldwide has been a global leader in chemical products and technology for pulp & paper, water treatment and many other industries for more than 100 years. The company is one of the largest global manufacturers of sodium chlorate and sodium chlorite products, chlorine dioxide technology, and other chemical solutions. Since 2017, they have chosen Vipel F010 as a barrier for their corrosion liners in railway tank cars that transport the corrosive chemicals.

“The F010 vinyl ester resin has withstood the harsh conditions of storing and transporting ERCO’s sodium chlorite and sodium chlorate solutions, showing excellent corrosion resistance in lab and real time applications,” says Lester Dobosz, ERCO’s Material Science Manager. “Our end-use customers expect to receive materials that meet specifications, and the corrosion liners made with F010 are performing as stated.”

ERCO relies on experienced fabricators to prepare and apply F010 in spray-up and hand lay-up applications, using recommended techniques and materials. Fabricators and end-users have learned they can rely on AOC Aliancys to exceed their expectations. 

Vipel F010 is an epoxy vinyl ester resin with excellent resistance to chemicals and heat. In extreme environments,  F010 extends the service life of equipment and infrastructure. Other benefits include:

Vipel F010 can be utilized in a range of processes to optimize cost and performance.

F010 offers better handling in hand lay-up, spray-up, filament winding, SMC, and pultrusion processes.

F010 performs well at various stages of hypochlorite and chlorine production. It also has excellent corrosion
resistance to both acidic and alkaline environments.

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