AOC Finalizes UPR Acquisition in Czech Republic
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AOC Finalizes UPR Acquisition in Czech Republic

10 December 2020
AOC announces it has completed the acquisition of the Unsaturated Polyester Resin (UPR) manufacturing operations in Ústí nad Labem (Czech Republic). This footprint extension will allow AOC to further improve service and logistics to its customers in Central/ Eastern Europe as well as in Germany, and will make new products (e.g. based on recycled PET) available for customers around Europe. 
The UPR plant at the Spolchemie site in Ústí nad Labem is located 70 km Southeast of Dresden, Germany. Besides state-of-the-art UPR production equipment, the plant has unique capabilities for manufacturing green resins based on recycled PET. 
AOC, Kaprain and Spolchemie already signed on 15 October 2020 an agreement to transfer the operations to AOC. The transfer has now been completed and will become fully effective per 10 December 2020. 
AOC is strongly committed to growing the composites industry and to supporting the customers in this region”, comments Stefan Osterwind, AOC Managing Director EMEA. “We are very glad the Usti team will join our organization, and will support us in growing a sustainable business across the continent.
This acquisition enables AOC to significantly extend its manufacturing footprint, and further adds to our company’s global presence”, adds Joe Salley, CEO of AOC. “We are convinced this  enables us to further align manufacturing processes, quality systems and best practices. Ultimately this should be highly beneficial for our customers.

About AOC

AOC is the leading global supplier of resins and specialty materials which enable customers to create robust, durable and versatile products and components, for applications in Coatings and Protective Barriers, Colorants and Visual Effects, Adhesives and Specialties, and Composite resins. With strong capabilities around the world in both manufacturing and science, the company works closely with customers to deliver unrivaled quality, service and reliability for today, and create innovative solutions for tomorrow. Partner with AOC and we will work together to find the right solutions for your business. AOC, Trusted Solutions

About Kaprain

Kaprain is a well-recognized Czech investment group that was founded in 2013. The group is active in three basic sectors being Industry, Real estate and Finance. Kaprain focus is on projects where it can leverage its broad experience from re-organization and company revitalization. Within the Industry sector, Kaprain already made major investments in Spolchemie, and will continue to further develop this unique chemical company. In addition, investments in Telecommunication are sizeable, and the Real estate sector of the group has been growing remarkably in the past few years.

About Spolchemie

Spolchemie is a leading European producer of specialty epoxy resins and systems, commodity epoxy resins, chlorinated hydrocarbons, potassium hydroxide, inorganic derivatives and other chemical products. Its long-standing success and business growth are the result of a solid production footprint with backward integration in key raw materials, and on extensive innovation and R&D capabilities, which have brought the company many patents and certificates. Spolchemie is based in North-Bohemian town of Ústí nad Labem, has been among the World´s oldest chemical producer, with its own history stretching over 160 years. More than 88 % of its production is sold outside the Czech Republic and 75 % into the European market.

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