AOC appoints Federica Galli as Business Manager for Neoxil®
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AOC appoints Federica Galli as Business Manager for Neoxil®

20 May 2021

AOC is actively growing its presence around the world in supplying Neoxil® Sizings & Binders to manufacturers of glass fiber and carbon fiber reinforcements. In order to strengthen its commercial activities, AOC has appointed Federica Galli as new Regional Business Manager for EMEA and the Americas. Also, the company is set to lead market consolidation in the coming years. 

The performance of reinforced plastic and composite parts strongly depends on the optimal interaction between fiber reinforcements, fillers and the resin matrix (both for thermoplastic and thermoset resins). Sizing formulations applied onto the surface of the fiber and filler help to protect the fiber during production and processing, and ensure the right compatibility of fiber and filler with the matrix resin (including wetting and adhesion). 

AOC has a 40+ year track record of working with manufacturers of glass, carbon, basalt and natural fibers and with suppliers of fillers to optimize their sizing and binder formulations, and to help end customers in achieving excellent material performance in their molded parts and components. Consequently, over this time period AOC has earned its position as quality and innovation leader in Sizings & Binders. 

Now, the company is stepping up its efforts to further strengthen its global leadership position. This includes the development of dedicated sizing solutions for carbon fibers for use in high end composite construction laminates (e.g. in next generation wind spar caps, hydrogen storage tanks, and high temperature thermoplastics), taking full advantage of AOC’s extended expertise in Vinyl ester resins.


Fragmented Market

There are many small players around the world that supply minor volumes of Sizings & Binders products. Because of lack of leadership and a fragmented nature, the industry is currently sub-optimal for further developing key markets and for growing new applications. In several cases, these activities are not core to the companies’ business.  

The Sizings & Binders market is very fragmented, while strong efforts are needed in the area of Technology and Operations for meeting the future needs of the industry and of our customers”, comments Stefan Osterwind, Managing Director of AOC EMEA. “As an industry leader in Sizings & Binders products, AOC is determined to take a leading role in a market consolidation process and will provide direction to the industry. Therefore we will actively engage in partnership discussions with key players on their Sizings & Binders business.”


New Team Member

In order to strengthen our commercial team, AOC has appointed Federica Galli as new regional Business Manager Neoxil® for leading the Neoxil® business development in Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Americas. Federica brings a lot of experience in managing equivalent businesses in Sizings & Binders, working in the past for DSM and for Michelman. She will be reporting to Fons Harbers, Vice-President Marketing & Sales EMEA at AOC.


AOC has been continuously investing in resources for strengthening the Neoxil® commercial and technical organization,” adds Joe Salley, CEO of AOC. “This helps us to best understand customer requirements, supply the right products at the right place and time, and be on top of new Neoxil® product introductions. We are very happy with Federica Galli joining our team.”

Fausto Pellegrini has been nominated as Global Business Development Manager leading special projects within the Sizing and Binders business unit.

Together with Carol Chang, our Asia Pacific regional Business Manager Neoxil®, based in Shanghai (China) and Luca Amato, our Global Sizings & Binders Technology leader, working out of our manufacturing and technology center in Filago (Italy), we will have a strong team to bring the Neoxil® business to the next level.


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