AOC Announces Price Increase for EMEA
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AOC Announces Price Increase for EMEA

24 September 2021

AOC has today announced a price increase of €100-200 per ton (depending on resin chemistry) for its entire portfolio of Unsaturated Polyester (UPR) and Epoxy Vinyl Ester (VE) resins, and its Neoxil® Sizings & Binders products sold in Europe, Middle East and Africa. The price increase will take effect on October 1st, or as soon as contracts allow.

AOC is seeing steep increases in energy prices, fees for logistics services (increasing as a result of reduced capacity availability), and the cost of raw materials.

“In addition, the availability of key raw materials from our contract suppliers has been severely hampered and we are continuing to have to resort to other, significantly more expensive, sources. This leaves us no choice but to further raise the prices of our products as a result, realizing that supply can continue to be somewhat irregular given these additional supply routes”, explains Fons Harbers, Vice President Marketing & Sales EMEA of AOC.


About AOC

AOC is the leading global supplier of resins and specialty materials which enable customers to create robust, durable and versatile products and components for applications in Coatings and Protective Barriers, Colorants and Visual Effects, Adhesives and Specialties, and Composite resins. With strong capabilities around the world in both manufacturing and science, the company works closely with customers to deliver unrivaled quality, service and reliability for today, and create innovative solutions for tomorrow. Partner with AOC and we will work together to find the right solutions for your business.


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