AOC Announces Price Increase for EMEA
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AOC Announces Price Increase for EMEA

19 April 2022

AOC has today announced an additional price increase of €200 per ton for its entire portfolio of Composite resins sold in Europe, Middle East and Africa. The price increase will be effective May 1, 2022, or as soon as contracts allow. This price increase is in addition to the increases AOC announced earlier this year.

AOC is experiencing significant price increases from its suppliers, following the strained supply of raw materials as a result of the Ukraine conflict, steep rises of energy prices for all our manufacturing sites, and availability of transport from multiple locations both within Europe and into Europe from overseas.

The company is doing its best to secure supply lines and ensure its customers can be reliably served. In some cases, this can mean accepting higher raw material prices in exchange for supply commitment, so we can enable continuity of our customers’ operations.

AOC tries to minimize the impact of the raw material cost increase and raw material availability on the business of our customers, but presently we have no other choice but to further raise the prices of our products”, explains Fons Harbers, Vice President Marketing & Sales EMEA of AOC.


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