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Trust AOC to create and deliver the solutions to help your business grow.  We will partner with you to increase performance, optimize production processes and create new applications to grow your business and expand your industry. 


Together, we can literally shape our world with competitive products that are lighter, stronger and more versatile.

AOC takes an integral approach to new product development, using our full expertise in polymer science, manufacturing, testing and component manufacturing. Industry specialists at AOC’s R&D centers around the world support customers with state-of-the-art equipment and technology.   

Our scientists are continuously working on new solutions to help you be more competitive today. And they are creating the innovation to drive your success in the future.



You need consistent and reliable materials that you can trust, day after day.  Your customers are counting on you.     

AOC produces the highest quality and most consistent products. Manufacturing expertise, proprietary equipment and automated process control systems provide you with the consistency you can trust.  

AOC delivers the products you need and brings peace of mind so you can focus on your business and your customers.



We understand your business and we will work together to determine how AOC products and service can help optimize your part performance and meet your customers’ requirements.

AOC’s experienced professionals are industry leaders in product performance and manufacturing processes. Our entire team, polymer scientists, manufacturing, technical service and sales experts, will partner with you and help your business grow.

With facilities around the world, AOC is ready to work with you to find the solutions you can trust.

Previously serving the market under the names Aliancys, AOC, AOC Aliancys and DSM Composite Resins, AOC has transformed the industry and has earned the position of the leading global supplier.

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