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Adblue® Storage System for German Reichstag Building

Adblue® Storage System for German Reichstag Building

For the backup power supply system in the German Reichstag building in Berlin, Haase has supplied an AdBlue® chemicals storage system. Because of the difficult access to the building’s cellar, the tank was assembled on-site from individual components. Parts were made with Atlac® resins supplied by AOC and BÜFA, because of quality consistency and their excellent chemical resistance.

Haase Tanks GmbH is a manufacturer of a broad variety of chemical storage tanks. These include oil storage tanks (heating of houses and public buildings), industrial storage tanks (chemicals), heat and hot water storage tanks (heating systems and heat recovery systems), and in-situ liners for tanks built in concrete.

Adblue® Storage System for German Reichstag Building

Proven Performance

The tanks of Haase have a reputation of providing excellent resistance to water and chemicals, resulting in a long service life and continuity of operation. The majority of tanks sold by Haase consist of two walls, enabling the use of leakage detection systems and providing an extra safeguard against leakage into the soil or the environment.

In many cases the tanks are assembled on-site from composite sheets and individual components (bottom covers, top covers, valves, etc.). This allows entering building through relatively small door and windows, while still building sizeable tanks. Also, very often there is no need for special installation permits, and installation can be fast (typically 2 days).


Challenge in Installation

The Reichstag Building in Berlin (Reichstagsgebäude), hosts the German national parliament (Deutsche Bundestag). For the new backup power supply system located in the cellar of the Reichstag Building, it was required to install a 10 m³ chemical storage tank for AdBlue® chemicals. These are used to neutralize the Nitrous oxides in the exhaust gases produced by the large diesel generators.

The Reichstag Building dates back to 1894. At those days, obviously it was not foreseen that such large tanks had to be installed retroactively. “We realized that access to the cellars was very limited and only small components could enter through existing doors and windows”, explains Thomas Falkenbach, General Manager of Haase. “Fortunately, we were able to bring in all individual components one by one, and assembled them on the spot into a solid and complete tank system. I am sure this system will perform in a reliable way and demonstrate many years of continued operation.

Adblue® Storage System for German Reichstag Building

Quality Materials

The tanks of Haase are being manufactured with Atlac® 430 and Atlac® 580 resins from AOC, supplied through Distributor BÜFA. Besides providing excellent resistance to a wide variety of chemicals, these resins are easy to convert into composite parts. For this, Haase is using several manufacturing processes in parallel, including hand lay-up, spray-up, and continuous lamination with UV cure.

We like to use resins with high quality consistency, so we can well predict the performance of the components we make”, adds Heike Pohl, Quality and R&D Manager of Haase. “For that reason we have been using Atlac resins already for a long time, as we know they will perform. We also very much appreciate the support we get from AOC and BÜFA, helping us with Chemical Resistance advice and material recommendations. This allows making the right tank for a specific application, and so we can best service our customers.

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