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Clean Air for All

Clean Air for All

While the Chinese economic growth brings a lot of value to the country, the ever increasing demand for electrical power does pose a few challenges. Major investments are required to keep up with the pace of the economy. At the same time, measures have to be taken for ensuring that a good air quality can be guaranteed.

Solutions for Reducing Smog

In developing areas with coal-fired power plants, often the air quality is negatively affected by particles and dust generated during the coal combustion process. The resulting smog can have a very negative impact on the environment, climate and public health. As a result, smog can bring huge economic losses. For that reason, the Chinese government is urging power companies to upgrade their equipment for minimizing dust in the power plant flue gasses.

When Taizhou Guodian Power was looking for dust removal solutions, they got in contact with Fujian Longking, a large manufacturer of electrostatic precipitators and other environmental protection products, and one of the first publicly listed companies in China's environmental protection industry. They signed a contract for the installation of the Wet Electro Static Precipitators (WESP) supplied by Longking. The technology used is a very efficient in reducing dust, resulting in particulate emissions less than 0.0003 gr/dscf, while the collection of toxic organic, heavy metals and acid mist exceeds 99%.

Clean Air for All

Performance under Tough Conditions

A key component in the WESP equipment is a honeycomb-shaped structure that is in direct contact with the exhaust gases. This honeycomb is electrically conductive, so particles can be collected by electrostatic charges. While working at elevated temperatures (over 130 °C) these components have to resist the corrosive environment of the flue gasses (sulfuric and nitrous oxides with traces of fluorine, high humidity), maintaining their mechanical integrity over many years. The part is manufactured by AOC customer Fujian Haohua Zhongyi.

The resin selected by Longking and Haohua Zhongyi for making the honeycombs is the Atlac® 430YT from AOC. While this resin has good flame retardant characteristics (including an LOI of pure resin castings over 30), it can be easily processed in multiple transformation processes and cures quickly. The long shelf life and no-foaming capability during fabricating, makes the resin a robust product that is easy to use.

The addition of electrically conductive additives enables to get the right electrical conductivity required for the electrostatic process. The result: strong and durable parts, that can contribute well to the performance of the dust removal equipment.


Choosing for Composites

Initially Taizhou Guodian Power was not really aware of the possibilities for using composite materials in electrostatic precipitators. When this idea was first introduced by Longking, they were wondering whether these materials would really be able to resist the corrosive conditions of the flue gasses.

Longking, Haohua Zhongyi and AOC together convinced Taizhou Guodian Power about the benefits of using these composite solutions and the quality consistency of the Atlac® 430YT resin. Apart from showing the excellent track record of using this resin in Power applications, the AOC technical service team provided great support in chemical resistance testing using the advanced corrosion resistance testing equipment in the Nanjing R&D Center.

Taizhou Guodian Power is very happy with the performance of the WESP equipment. Besides contributing to a much better air quality, they know they can rely on the equipment and do not need to worry about the continuity of their process operation.

Longking, Haohua Zhongyi and AOC worked very well together as one team, and were able to demonstrate the great value of composites solution in record time.

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