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Vehicle Testing Solutions for Ford and Profor-Wegner

Vehicle Testing Solutions for Ford and Profor-Wegner

Following the request from Ford and Profor-Wegner to design a new passenger dummy for vehicle testing, Indupol proposed a composite solution that provides great ergonomics and ensures test driver safety. The material solution was developed in close collaboration with AOC, and incorporates Atlac® 580 resin from AOC.


Insight in Car Performance

In order to validate all the attributes of vehicles in development, Automotive OEMs are continuously testing their vehicles in real-life situations. For this purpose, realistic driving conditions are created by simulating multiple passenger combinations in the vehicles undergoing the test.

Sophisticated sensors and measurement devices are installed in the car to monitor car operation during the test drive. Ultimately, this provides good insight into the performance of the electrical and HVAC systems, the quality of the entire assembly, and potential changes affecting driver and passenger well-being. 

Vehicle Testing Solutions for Ford and Profor-Wegner

Product Improvement

In order to best simulate the impact of having passengers of various sizes in the car, passenger dummies are being used with different weights. Previously, these dummies were filled with water, requiring dedicated filling stations and having the risk of water spills inside the car. Because of the water handling and the bulky structures, test drivers were having to spend a lot of time installing the dummy correctly.

In the mid-80s Ford started to develop passenger dummies that could be loaded without water. The design of the dummy was gradually improved to meet increased requirements related to ergonomics, noise, flexibility, etc. Through its partner Profor-Wegner GmbH, Ford approached Indupol to bring this passenger dummy solution to a higher level taking full benefit of its testing experience gathered over the years. The objective was to create a more professional dummy design and use state-of-the-art materials.

Key requirements for the dummy included low weight for easy handling, limited size so it also fits in smaller cars, having the functionality of adjusting passenger weight by easily putting lead elements inside the dummy, and the ability to simply attach the dummy to the safety belts inside the car. In addition, the dummies should not produce squeaking or rattling sounds, and above all, create a safe testing environment for the test driver or test engineer. “A very important prerequisite for these passenger dummies is that they remain intact in an eventual car accident, so that the test driver is safe and does not get hurt”, explains Jens Wegner, Managing Director of Profor-Wegner. “In order to qualify a new dummy type, cars with dummies are going through a severe crash testing program, with the requirement that the dummy remains undamaged and the lead inside remains perfectly in place.” 

Vehicle Testing Solutions for Ford and Profor-Wegner

New Development

In close consultation with AOC, Indupol developed together with Profor-Wegner and Ford a hollow dummy using high strength composite materials. The solution is based on AOC's Atlac® 580 resin and is reinforced with an engineered fabric containing carbon fiber.

The low weight of the composite components in combination with the optimized shape bring great ergonomics during handling. The mechanical strength and high ductility ensure that the lead elements remain inside the structure during a car crash situation, so that the test driver is safe. The surface of the passenger dummy is covered with a special coating to avoid eventual squeaks and rattling noises inside the car during driving, so the driver can hear eventual sounds originating from other car components. Special parts are attached to the surfaces that connect to the seat belts inside the car.


Collaboration in the Supply Chain

Ford played a key role in validating the new dummy design at the Ford Proving Ground located in Lommel (Belgium). A wide variety of vehicle tests were performed with these dummies, including durability testing, performance and brake testing, NVH-testing, suspension and steering development.

AOC has truly helped us find the best material solution for this application“, comments Hardy van Mierlo, Project and Operations Manager at Indupol. “We really like to work with them, as they bring great insight in composite material performance and deliver high quality products we can rely on.

The initial testing at our launching customer demonstrated that the new design truly simplified life for the test drivers”, adds Jens Wegner. “The result is that now many Automotive OEMs around the world are using these dummies, setting new standards in vehicle testing.” The exclusive worldwide distribution of the Pro-dummy passenger dummies is done by Profor-Wegner GmbH based in Cologne, Germany. More information through Jens Wegner (

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