Building & Construction

Building & Construction

The Building & Infrastructure market segment has seen a sharp increase of using composite material solutions over the past decade. Architects and developers acknowledge that composites enable them to design unique shapes. Owners of buildings and infrastructure, as well as utility companies realize that composite components are easy to install because of their low weight and require minimal maintenance.


AOC Products

AOC has successfully introduced many new innovations to this market segment, building on the excellent inherent durability of our resins, the easy of processing and the desire to work closely with partners along the entire value chain.

  • Pultruded profiles and sheets based on Atlac®Daron®Palatal® and Synolite™ resins combine a strength and stiffness with an excellent corrosion resistance and insulation to heat and electrical charges. For that reason they are commonly used in constructions that are exposed to rain and moist conditions.
  • Composite façade panels can be made from Synolite™ resins in  Vacuum Infusion processes, where shape and façade buildup can be easily optimized for a specific building set up. Façade panels, flooring tiles, and work surfaces are made from artificial stone. Aliancys has developed several Synolite™ resins for that application, setting the standard in longevity and resistance to discoloration.
  • A traditional application of Synolite™ and Palatal® resins is for producing bath tubs, shower trays and sinks. Typically used behind Acrylic or ABS sheet, or behind a gelcoat, the materials bring strength, stiffness and a quality touch.


More Information

For an overview of our key products, please consult the Product Selector on this web site, or download the AOC Product Selector Guide. More information on the chemical resistance of the products sold by AOC can be found in the Chemical Resistance Guide. For more detailed advice on the chemical resistance of our products, AOC is offering its customer a Chemical Resistance Advice service.

Please also read case studies on Eurojust (building façade panels), Haase (chemical storage in Reichstag building).

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