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Iso/NPG resin without photo initiator for UV-Cure CIPP/Relining

Product description

L730-LCS-03 is an Iso/NPG resin used in CIPP/Relining applications. The resin does not yet contain a photo initiator system enabling curing with UV-light. The resin is slighly thixotropic and can be thickened using MgO. 

Liners made from L730-LCS-03 resin provide enhanced chemical resistance and improved mechanical properties vs. standard Iso resins.

Major Applications

L730-LCS-03 is suitable for the production of glass-fiber reinforced plastics with excellent mechanical properties which require great hydrolysis and chemical resistance (e.g. tanks, vessels, hydraulic engineering, pipes, boats, corrosion protection and electrical industry).

The resin is especially formulated for the production of glass fiber reinforced CIPP-prepregs (for UV-curing, the addition of a photo initiator system is required). These prepregs are very well suited for the repair of sewage systems.

Certifications and Approvals

Cured unreinforced L730-LCS-03 conforms to type 1140 according to DIN 16946/2 and is classified in group 3 according to DIN 18820/1. According EN 13121, parts 1 and 2, the resin is classified in group 4.

Key benefits

  • Enhanced chemical resistance

  • Great mechanical strength and resilience

  • Fast installation (curable through UV light)

  • Can be used with glass liners (MgO thickenable and slightly thixotropic)

  • Performance track record

Processing methods

  • CIPP/Relining

Key markets

  • Building & Construction
  • CIPP/Relining
  • Infrastructure

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