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For many years composites have been the material of choice for manufacturing components that are used in industrial processes. As these materials bring durability and continued strength in tough environments (exposure to chemicals, heat, mechanical impact), they are the preferred alternative over traditional materials like steel and concrete.


AOC Products

AOC is working closely with part fabricators, engineering companies and process operators to specify our resins and select together the best resin for a specific application. We will work with you to provide detailed advice concerning the use of our resins in a broad variety of chemical environments.


  • Process water pipelines (cooling water, firefighting lines) are subject to corrosion and operation is not reliable as a consequence. Composites solutions based on Atlac® and Vipel® resins have a long track record of performance and ensure processes can run continuously as expected.
  • The exhaust gases of power plants can contain traces of corrosive gases like Sulfur Dioxide. That is why spray banks, exhaust pipes, FGD liners, and electrostatic precipitators are made with resins from AOC. A full range of Atlac® and Vipel® resins are available, with products meeting specific environment and processing requirements.
  • Desalination technology has seen a major growth in recent years. For seawater inlets/ outlets, processing vessels, in-plant piping and filtration units Atlac® resins have been specified many times.
  • Whether it is for storage tanks, process vessels or for transport of liquids in chemical plants, components based on Atlac® and Vipel® resins provide excellent durability, ease of processing and optimized system cost.



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