Beyone™ 820-H-01
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Beyone™ 820-H-01

Modified solution of polystyrene in styrene, for low shrink applications

Product description

Beyone™ 820-H-01 is a superior low shrinkage additive when compared to standard polystyrene solutions.

The uniqe formulation of Beyone™ 820-H-01 enables making fully pigmentable, zero shrinkage parts with high gloss at high quality.

Major Applications

Building & Infrastructure, Electrical, Transportation.

AOC Next® Product

  • Contains bio-based raw materials

Key benefits

  • Good pigmentability in multiple colors

  • Zero shrinkage in combination with pigmentability

  • High gloss components

  • Good mechanical performance

Processing methods


Key markets

  • Building & Construction
  • Electrical
  • Infrastructure

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