Palapreg® H 860-01
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Palapreg® H 860-01

Solution of modified saturated polyesters in styrene, for Low Profile and Class A SMC

Product description

Palapreg® H 860-01 is a low viscous LPA intended for SMC formulations ranging from Low Profile to Class A.

When combined with Palapreg® P 18-03 and Palapreg® H 814-01, you can pigment your Class A SMC also in homogenous, darker colors. This unique capability is not feasible with other LPAs.

Major Applications

Low profile to Class A SMC, often used for truck parts.

Key benefits

  • Low profile, Class A capability

  • Pigmented Class A in darker colors

  • Good flow behavior, enabling to make large truck parts

  • Suitable for painted parts

Processing methods


Key markets

  • Building & Construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation

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