Atlac® 590 T
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Atlac® 590 T

Thixotropic Novolac Vinyl ester resin for Hot cure CIPP/Relining

Product description

Atlac® 590 T is a Novolac Vinyl ester resin used in CIPP/ Relining projects that require excellent thermal and chemical resistance (for instance chemical plants, de-icing lines, liners in contact with polluted soil). The resin is cured by heat.

Key benefits

  • Excellent chemical resistance (solvents, acids, oxydizing media)

  • Great mechanical strength and resilience

  • Fast installation (curable through steam and hot water)

  • High versatility: can be used for glass and felt liners

  • Can resist elevated operating temperatures

Processing methods

  • CIPP/Relining

Key markets

  • Building & Construction
  • Infrastructure

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