Atlac® 590
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Atlac® 590

High heat Novolac Vinyl ester resin for demanding corrosive environments

Product description

Components based on Atlac® 590 feature excellent thermal and chemical resistance against solvents, acids and oxidizing media like chlorine.

With Atlac® 590 resin you can make strong and durable parts with excellent heat resistance.

Major Applications

Atlac® 590 can be used in all fabrication methods, but is especially adapted to meet the requirements of filament winding, centrifugal casting, hand lay-up and spray-up processes. Atlac® 590 can also be used to fabricate glass flake coatings and mortars.

Atlac® 590 features excellent chemical resistance and is specially indicated when resistance against solvents, acids and oxidizing media like chlorine is required.

Certifications and Approvals

Cured non-reinforced Atlac® 590 conforms to type 1310 according to DIN 16946/2 and is classified group 5 according to DIN 18820/1.

According to EN13121/1 Atlac® 590 is classified group 8. A KIWA approval (BRL-K 541/01) was obtaine for use in underground petrol storage tanks.

Atlac® 590 passed testing at TÜV for use in flue gas cleaning plants.

Key benefits

  • Continued operation of process equipment

  • Resisting elevated temperatures

  • Low maintenance and low cost of ownership

  • Approved by TÜV for use in Flue Gas cleaning applications

  • Approved by KIWA (BRL-K 541/01) for use in underground petrol storage tanks

Processing methods

  • Centrifugal casting
  • Filament winding
  • Hand lay-up/spray-up

Key markets

  • Artificial stone
  • Building & Construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Offshore
  • Power

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