Many composite components are exposed to elevated temperatures, often with simultaneous exposure to chemicals and water. End-customers and process operators require these components to function properly and resist the heat, so their processes can run without interruption and functional performance is guaranteed.

Resistance to elevated temperatures in some cases means dimensional stability and low thermal expansion. In other cases, it means retention of functional performance characteristics over time with prolonged heat exposure. Because of the excellent durability and versatility of composite materials, they are often specified by designers and engineers for harsh environments at high temperatures.


Proven Performance

AOC offers resins and resin systems in its Atlac®, Beyone™, Daron®, Palatal®, Palapreg® and Synolite™ series, with a broad range of heat resistance properties available. Please consult your AOC Technical Service representative for support in the selection of the right resin solution for your specific application. Besides heat resistance, selection criteria may include balance of mechanical properties (strength, stiffness, elongation), system cost, and processing requirements.



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