While the consumption of styrene-containing resins still represents a larger portion of the Unsaturated Polyester and Vinyl ester market volume, the use of styrene-free resin systems has been steadily increasing in recent years. OEMs are looking for material solutions that are simply styrene-free, following specific requests from End-customers and Consumers. Consequently, AOC has made the development of styrene-free resin technology an essential element in its innovation strategy.


Great Benefits

Typically, styrene-free resins are more expensive than conventional styrene-containing resins. This is related to the different resin backbone and the cost of the specific monomers used.

Meanwhile, many customers have confirmed that the styrene-free feature can provide significant benefits that outweigh the higher resin cost. Benefits include close-to-zero smell during resin handling (e.g. in relining installation, hand lay-up operation), reduced safety risk in industrial factories (simplified permitting process), time savings associated with reduced ventilation requirement in confined space resin application, minimized emissions from molded components, and improvements in resin functional performance.


Leading in Styrene-free

AOC has been leading the composites market in bringing novel styrene-free resins to commercial sales in the last twenty years. We are working with many partners to develop out-of-the box solutions that bring both performance and sustainability. Please contact us directly for an in-depth discussion on your specific needs.


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