Palatal® A 400-01 FC
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Palatal® A 400-01 FC

Isophthalic resin used for Food Contact applications and as base for Gelcoats

Product description

Components based on Palatal® A 400-01 FC feature good mechanical strength and resistance to chemicals and heat. With this resin components can be made suitable for contact with Food ingredients.

The Palatal® A 400-01 FC resin is also broadly used as base resin for making gelcoats.

Major Applications

Palatal® A 400-01 FC is intended for glass reinforced parts with improved mechanical properties that require outstanding resistance to hydrolysis and low water absorption (tanks, vessels and hydraulic engineering pipes and parts).

Furthermore, Palatal® A 400-01 FC is used as a base resin for high quality coatings and gel coats formulated and produced for applications in contact with food and potable water. Parts and coatings made from Palatal® A 400-01 FC resin shows only little tendency to cracking.

The resin is specifically formulated and produced in line with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) to be suitable for food contact and potable water applications.

Certifications and Approvals

Cured unreinforced Palatal® A 400-01 FC conforms to type 1140 according to DIN 16 946/2 and is classified in group 2 according to DIN 18 820/1.

This resin is certified by Lloyd’s Register as gel coat base resin and laminating resin for use in Marine applications.

Specific information on compliance to food contact regulations is detailed in the regulatory data sheet, available on request.

Key benefits

  • Continued operation of process equipment

  • Low maintenance and low cost of ownership

  • Suitable for Food contact applications

  • Enhanced weatherability in gelcoat formulations

Processing methods

  • Filament winding
  • Pultrusion

Key markets

  • Building & Infrastructure
  • Industrial

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