Chemical resistance

For many years the Quality Resins from AOC have been used for manufacturing composite components used in industrial processes and chemical plants. These resins have a track record of providing durability and continued strength in these tough environments. Besides ensuring an extended operating - life because of their great chemical resistance - these components require minimal maintenance and repair.

Chemical resistant resins at AOC

To make sure our extensively used products have a great performance and a long life span, we make our resin composites highly resistant to heavy chemicals. By working closely with part fabricators, engineering companies and process operators we constantly keep on improving resin composites. Whether it is for use in storage tanks or for liquid transportation in chemical plants, components based on Atlac®, Palatal® and Synolite™ resins provide long durability, chemical resistance and optimized system cost.

Questions about Chemical Resistance

When choosing resins for chemical resistant applications, it is important to select products that give the right performance and are fit for the job in question. In our Chemical Resistance Guide you can find information about various important resins like vinyl ester and unsaturated polyester used in corrosion resistant applications. In the Product selector you can find specific AOC resins by selecting the end-use market for your product(s), the specific properties required and the intended processing method.

AOC has the ability to help you make the best resin selection for your application exposed to a specific chemical environment (temperature, chemical type, exposure time). We offer insights, from our Chemical Resistance Information System (CRIS), that build on year of chemical resistance testing on our resins, combined with the experience gained in many projects around the world. 

To make accurate recommendations we need to know:

  • The chemical environment, composition, concentrations, pH values, storage conditions;
  • the service temperature, temperature profiles, maximum temperatures;
  • the mechanical exposure, pressure, static and cyclic loading;
  • the type of composite material and build-up used (fiber volume, chemical resistance layer);
  • the equipment and process.

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