Synolite™ 0152-N-2
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Synolite™ 0152-N-2

Isophthalic Pultrusion resin for profiles with great mechanical strength and resistance to weathering

Product description

Synolite™ 0152-N-2 is an isophthalic acid commonly used in pultrusion processes for making profiles and panels.

High mechanical strength can be obtained because of the excellent fiber wet out.

Synolite™ 0152-N-2 resin is UV stabilized and therefore the parts resist weathering in outdoor exposure. In addition, parts can resist elevated temperatures.

Major Applications

Synolite™ 0152-N-2 shows excellent mechanical properties with an optimal balance between resilience and heat deflection temperature.

Synolite™ 0152-N-2 is recommended for a wide range of Pultrusion profiles. Particular where high structural performance and/ or good chemical resistance are desirable.

Certifications and Approvals

Synolite™ 0152-N-2 meets the DIN 16946 type 1140 requirements.

Key benefits

  • Profile and panels with elevated strength and stiffness

  • Mechanical integrity at elevated temperatures

  • Great weathering resistance

  • Meeting DIN 16946 type 1140 requirements

Processing methods

  • Pultrusion

Key markets

  • Building & Construction
  • Electrical
  • Infrastructure

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