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Composite resin for industrial use

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At AOC, we manufacture Composite resins for use in various Composites applications and end-use markets, such as Building & Infrastructure, Transportation, Relining/ CIPP, Industrial, Marine & Offshore and Wind. 

Composite resins: the material system of preference for many applications

Composites combine two or more materials (reinforcing agents and a resin matrix) that differ in form or composition on a macro scale. The fibers can be based on glass, carbon, aramid, polyester, basalt, and flax, providing strength and stiffness. They are used in combination with Composite resins like unsaturated polyesters, vinyl esters, epoxies, polyurethanes and methacrylates. The resin matrix typically determines properties like chemical resistance, ductility, fatigue resistance, and thermal resistance.

Composites are the material system of preference for many applications, because of their favorable durability, strength, inherent low weight and potential to be easily shaped. Obviously, this performance is greatly influenced by having selected the right resin system for the composite formulation.

Composite resins and their environmental benefits

Associated with the low weight and long life durability of composite components and their limited requirement for maintenance, the lifetime cost and ecological footprint are highly beneficial. Composite resin formulation fine-tuning and formulation improvement can further improve the environmental profile of composites.

Design flexibility

Composite materials can be easily formed. They bring designers, engineers, and architects the
unique capability to personalize part shape and aesthetics, while having the benefit of tailoring
part functionality to the application. Compared to traditional materials like steel and concrete, using composites solutions allows in many cases the integration of multiple components and functions. Choosing the right Composite Resin enables the composite part to provide great functional performance for end-customers and consumers.

Light weight capability

Unlike steel and concrete, composites feature high strength, stiffness and inherent low weight at the same time. This allows to design lighter and thinner, translating for instance into lower fuel emissions for cars, and faster installation for building and infrastructure components. Composite Resins are available at AOC for a broad range of reinforcement applications, including glass and carbon fibers.

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In order to select the right Composite Resin for your application, please take a look at our Product selector. You can select the end-use market for your product(s), the specific properties required and the intended processing method. 

Questions about Composite resins

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