Neoxil® CQ-906R
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Neoxil® CQ-906R

Versatile Epoxy-ester emulsion for Thermoplastic and Thermoset sizings

Product description

Neoxil® CQ-906R is an emulsion of Epoxy-ester resin in non-ionic water, used as co-film former in sizing formulations for Thermoset applications. In addition, the Neoxil® CQ-906R is applied as main film former for glass fiber sizings used with Thermoplastic resins.

Using Neoxil® CQ-906R emulsions will help to run your glass manufacturing processes smoothly. Finished rovings and chopped strands provide predictable performance when used in composite transformation processes and filled thermoplastic resin manufacturing processes respectively.

Major Applications

Used as co-film former for manufacturing direct roving and assembled roving in thermoset applications. Also applied as main film former for glass fiber sizings for chopped strands used in thermoplastics.

Neoxil® CQ-906R emulsion features great emulsion stability from pH 2 to pH 12 (particularly in high shear condition during mixing), translating into stable and easy-to-process sizing formulations. The narrow particle size distribution means end-use properties are predictable and fiber pick-up is consistent.

Clear and hard film, easily soluble in styrene. As a consequence, the the product provides excellent compatibility with Unsaturated Polyesters and Epoxy resins. It also, demonstrates great compatibility with thermoplastic resins.

Epoxy-ester resin, glass transition temperature Tg is 15°C.

Key benefits

  • Versatility for use with both Thermoset and Thermoplastic resin systems

  • Great hydrolytic stability: particularly suited for parts in contact with hot water

  • Easy-to-process sizing formulations

  • Predictable and consistent glass fiber production

  • Industry standard film former with great performance track record

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