Palatal® A 405 T-02
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Palatal® A 405 T-02

High flexibility Isophthalic resin, for CIPP/Relining of pressure piping (non-potable water)

Product description

Palatal® A 405 T-02 is a thixotropic Isophthalic resin. The unique chemical composition results in high flexibility combined with with hydrolysis and chemical resistance up to 40 °C.

The resin can be easily processed into liners with glass and felt combinations for pressure pipe application (e.g. fire water, process water).

Key benefits

  • Low shrinkage, nicely following host pipe

  • Resilience and high elongation at break

  • Installation robustness through combination of long resin pot life and fast cure

  • Elevated filler loadings leading to high stiffness and cost efficiency

  • Low exotherm avoiding inner foils to melt

Processing methods

  • CIPP/Relining

Key markets

  • Building & Construction
  • Industrial
  • Infrastructure

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