Artificial stone
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Artificial stone

Unsaturated polyester resins are a class of materials highly suitable for casting various forms of products. Used as filled resin or as pure resin casting, parts can be cast into their final shape using a mold. Different types of casting processes exist, each with their individual benefits.

As specific type of casting process is the production of Artificial Stone (or Engineered Stone). In this process quartz fillers, pigments, and additives are mixed and compressed into slabs or blocks (Breton® process). After cure under high pressure and heat, sheets are cut with subsequent surface polishing. These sheets are used for kitchen work surfaces, bathrooms, flooring tiles, building façades, in many cases as an alternative to natural stone. Artificial stone products bring excellent durability, scratch resistance, and unique aesthetics (custom-made colors, special visual effects).

Cultured Marble, Solid Surface and Polymer Concrete require relatively low capital investment for resin mixing equipment and tooling, and can be easily scaled up. On the contrary, the Artificial Stone process is capital intensive and does require a significant plant base-load before becoming economic.


AOC Products

For an overview of our key products, please consult the Product Selector on this web site, or download the AOC Product Selector Guide and the Atlac Product Guide.

AOC has high quality resins available for all these casting applications sold under Synolite™ and Palatal® brands . Please contact your AOC Technical Service Representative for helping you in selecting the resin system most appropriate for your process and application.


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