Synolite™ 5011-N-1
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Synolite™ 5011-N-1

Resin used for making low smoke Fire Retardant components through Pultrusion and SMC

Product description

Synolite™ 5011-N-1 is specifically developed for the Pultrusion process. Thanks to the very low viscosity it can be highly filled with aluminumtrihydrate (ATH) to reach fire retardant properties.

Components based on this resin demonstrate low smoke behaviour in fire situations.

Key benefits

  • Great fire retardant behavior

  • High filler loading through low resin viscosity, resulting in good wet out

  • Easy processing

  • Low smoke generation in fire situation

Processing methods

  • Pultrusion

Key markets

  • Building & Construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation

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