Palatal® P 51-01
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Palatal® P 51-01

Tetrahydrophthalic resin for making formulated products like Putties and fillers

Product description

Palatal® P 51-01 is an unsaturated polyester resin based on Tetrahydrophthalic acid. The product is a key component for the manufacturing of putties and body fillers.

Formulations based on Palatal® P 51-01 provide fast surface cure and easy sanding-ability.

Key benefits

  • Easy application in resin formulations

  • Good surface cure and low tackiness

  • Fast sanding after application

  • Great resistance to styrene

Processing methods

  • Hand lay-up/spray-up
  • Putties

Key markets

  • Building & Construction
  • Consumer
  • Industrial
  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation

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