Palapreg® P 17-02
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Palapreg® P 17-02

Orthophthalic resin for Low Shrink SMC and BMC

Product description

The industry standard Ortho resin in the European and Chinese market. A versatile, multi-purpose resin for Low Shrink applications.

Depending on the specific LPA chosen, even standard Low Profile quality is feasible.

Decades of experience, excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility provide you with peace-of-mind for your SMC/BMC process.

Major Applications

Building & Infrastructure, Electrical, Transportation.

Key benefits

  • Good quality surface (low shrinkage)

  • Great pigmentability

  • Excellent quality consistency batch-to-batch

  • Versatility for various applications

Processing methods

  • Pultrusion

Key markets

  • Building & Construction
  • Electrical
  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation

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