Atlac® E-Nova MA 6325
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Atlac® E-Nova MA 6325

Low styrene Vinyl ester urethane resin for components and skin coats in Marine applications

Product description

Atlac® E-Nova MA 6325 resin is broadly used for making fiber reinforced components through Hand lay-up and Spray-up processes. Skin coats based on Atlac® E-Nova MA 6325 resin provide great hydrolysis resistance.

Atlac® E-Nova MA 6325 has been certified by Lloyd's Register and RINA for use in Marine applications.

Key benefits

  • Easy processing through excellent de-aeration and fiber wetting

  • Great hydrolysis resistance

  • Certified by Lloyd's Register and RINA

  • Low styrene content (less than 35 %), complying with SCAQMD 1162 rule

Processing methods

  • Hand lay-up/spray-up

Key markets

  • Marine

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