Atlac® 580 ACT
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Atlac® 580 ACT

Vinyl ester urethane resin used for components and skin coats in Marine applications

Product description

Atlac® 580 ACT resin is broadly used for making fiber reinforced components through Hand lay-up and Spray-up processes. Skin coats based on Atlac® 580 ACT resin provide a unique combination of hydrolysis resistance, thermal stability, and ductility.

The Atlac® 580 ACT resin has been certified by Lloyd's Register and RINA for use in Marine.

Major applications

Atlac® 580 ACT resin is broadly used for skin coats in the manufacturing of boats and vessels. Components made with Atlac® 580 ACT show excellent hydrolysis resistance and good thermal stability, and are resistant to many aqueous media, acidic salts, alkaline media and to hot water. The resin offers an outstanding combination of heat resistance and flexibility.

Atlac® 580 ACT has excellent wet out and de-aerating properties for easy processing. Compared to conventional Vinyl ester resins foaming with MEK peroxide is highly reduced in Atlac® 580 ACT, resulting in reduced air inhibition both inside the laminate and at the surface. 

The resin features enhanced thixotropic behavior preventing rinse off inclined mold surfaces, and shows an improved compatibility with aramid fiber reinforcements. The resin provides low exothermic reaction during cure allowing thick sections to be fabricated in one go. At the same time, through cure in thin laminates is favored by excellent curing characteristics.

Certifications and Approvals

Cured non-reinforced Atlac® 580 ACT conforms to type 1310 according to DIN 16946/2. According to EN13121/1 Atlac® 580 ACT is classified group 7B. The resin is certified by Lloyd's Register and Registro Navale Italiano (R.I.Na.) as laminating resin for use in Marine applications.

Key benefits

  • Easy processing through excellent de-aeration and fiber wetting

  • Excellent hydrolysis resistance

  • Certified by Lloyd's Register and RINA

  • Unique combination of thermal resistance and ductility

Processing methods

  • Hand lay-up/spray-up

Key markets

  • Building & Construction
  • Electrical
  • Industrial
  • Marine
  • Power

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